Travel Concierge Service

for “Protostars and Planets VII” participants

Taking your Kyoto experience
from the Classic to the essential

Supported by Sharing Kyoto
Tourist Support Service
  • 01
    Itinerary Planning
    As local Kyoto concierges, we propose unique ways to enjoy Kyoto. The places will be selected carefully to both meet your needs and exceed your expectations!
  • 02
    Restaurant suggestions and reservations
    We will introduce you to restaurants loved by locals. We will also give you access to prestigious, long-standing establishments that are difficult to book as new customers.
  • 03
    Tickets and taxis arrangement
    We can book tickets for special visits, events, etc. and arrange sightseeing taxis on your behalf.
  • 04
    Travel Consultation
    We will make inquiries at various facilities on your behalf. Feel free to contact us for anything related to your trip to Kyoto!
Usage fee:¥10,000
Free of charge for “Protostars and Planets VII” participants!
Dinner Attendant Service
~ Wagyu / Kyoto Cuisine ~
A concierge will accompany you and provide in-depth explanations on how to better enjoy it. You will appreciate the introduced food and places even more by being able to understand their context!
※We may not be able to meet your requests depending on the restaurant’s availability. Offer subject to availability, on a first-come first-served basis.
Taxi pickup and drop-off are available.
*Additional charges apply.
Wagyu Japanese Beef
Taste Wagyu beef in a luxurious atmosphere that only Kyoto can offer!
  • ①“Sukiyaki” hot pot dish
    Sukiyaki, which originated in Kyoto, is a way of cooking that allows you to fully appreciate the flavor of the meat. Please enjoy the sweet and fragrant taste of sugar and soy sauce.
  • ②“Yakiniku” Japanese barbecue
    Enjoy the delicious taste of charcoal-grilled Wagyu beef in a renovated old mansion while gazing at a traditional Japanese garden.
Wagyu Attendant Fee: ¥30,000 +tax
*Meals included.
*Up to 4 people per group.
*An extra 10,000 yen for each additional person.
Cancellation policy:After the restaurant reservation is confirmed,
100% of the cancellation fee will be charged.
Kyoto Cuisine
Let’s eat authentic Japanese food in Kyoto, the home of Japanese cuisine! Our concierges will take you to restaurants loved by the locals, which are difficult for foreign travelers to reach on their own.
  • ③A famous kaiseki restaurant representative of Japan.
    At this typical Japanese restaurant, you can enjoy traditional kaiseki cuisine based on the spirit of the tea ceremony.
  • ④A la carte restaurant with excellent charcoal-grilled dishes.
    Traditional dishes are prepared right in front of you in a restaurant imbued with the essence of Kyoto.
  • ⑤A course meal restaurant where you can enjoy Kyoto's dashi broth culture in a hot pot.
    The cuisine is representative of Kyoto and up-and-coming. The main dish is a hot pot.
  • ⑥A course meal restaurant boasting fresh seafood.
    Enjoy original meals at this restaurant where you can fully appreciate fresh seafood.
Kyoto Cuisine Attendant Fee: ¥50,000 +tax
*Meals included.
*Up to 3 people per group.
*An extra 20,000 yen for each additional person.
Cancellation policy:After the restaurant reservation is confirmed,
100% of the cancellation fee will be charged.
Implementation flow
  • 01
    Please fill out the application form to request a consultation.
  • 02
    We will hear your specific requests via e-mail.
  • 03
    We will send you a travel itinerary, booking arrangement status, details about restaurant attendance, etc.
  • 04
    Enjoy your Kyoto trip!
    For dinner attendance
    Gathering and payment of participation fee at our office.
    *Only by credit card.
About Sharing Kyoto
We are a tourist concierge service specializing in Kyoto travel.
All of our staff members live in Kyoto and love Kyoto.
We want to convey to the world the essential splendor of Kyoto,
which the locals love with all their hearts.
We would like to convey to the world the true splendor of Kyoto, which is loved by the locals,
rather than the ordinary Kyoto that appears in tourist magazines.
Let us know how we can help you enjoy the city of Kyoto more deeply!
  • Ian
    ★★★★☆ 9.0
    It is a great service that combines hidden, traditional experiences in Kyoto with kind and knowledgeable guides that ensures guests have an unforgettable day.
  • Frankie
    FrankieThe United States
    ★★★★☆ 8.0
    The Hyotei that was proposed to us was the perfect Kyoto image. We could see a nice garden, people in kimonos served us, the atmosphere was lovely, it was all good.
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